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High Cash Value - Dividend Paying - Participating Whole Life Insurance, is the single greatest financial tool ever constructed.  

When you buy a high cash value dividend paying participating whole life policy, you are buying both life insurance and a tax-free savings vehicle. Each year a growing part of your premium goes into the savings vehicle. The cash balance in it grows tax-free at an interest rate guaranteed by the insurer. When your policy is properly structured and correctly funded, this cash balance will grow internally, resulting in a net gain to you, the policy owner. 

It may sound odd to some people that life insurance can actually make money, but it is the actual intent of almost every permanent life insurance policy to have a positive return on investment. 


With Your Policy:

  1. You have tax deferred growth on your earnings.
  2. You have tax-free income when you need it.
  3. It is self-fulfilling, meaning that should you no longer be in the picture, it would still produce immediate and perpetual tax-free cash for your family.
  4. It is funded should you become disabled.
  5. You have consistent upside only guaranteed growth. Somewhere between 4-6 percent annual growth.  (To use a baseball analogy - No swinging for the fences. No home runs.  Just single after single after single.)  Consistency each and every year.
  6. All of your gains are 100% locked in and you will NEVER see a loss due to market downturns. 
  7. You can access your own money at any time without any interest, without any payment schedule, and repayment of your loans to be optional. And does not affect your credit score.
  8. You have access to your money whenever and for whatever you want without qualification or time delays,  
  9. Your money is transferable to your spouse, children, grandchildren, or your favorite charity without taxation on gains and without the expense of probate.
  10. Your account is creditor proof protected from frivolous lawsuits.
  11. You have no required minimum distributions, like an IRA requires.  If a withdrawal is taken, you want it to be your decision and not the government's.  You don't want them to ever tell you when, how much, or how often.
  12.  Your account is backed by the strongest financial institutions in the world.
  13. And your funds are safe from scammers and Ponzi criminals.

See the actual numbers of your policy's growth.

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