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Financial Planning

Plan for it

Financial Security Planning is about more than the size of your bank account. It’s about feeling good about your financial outlook. It's about being able to weather life's occasional unforeseen storms.

It's also about having the peace of mind in knowing you're able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle during your working years, and being able to  retire knowing that your money will last as long as you do. 

Disability Income Insurance

Disability insurance (DI) is a form of income protection that pays you a portion of your monthly income if you can’t work because of an illness or injury. The level of income replacement that a plan offers and how long you get payments varies by type of DI.

A private disability insurance policy is an often overlooked tool for building a financial safety net, but it can fill the coverage gaps left by health insurance plans and life insurance poicies. Even if you have short-term coverage from an employer, consider combining it with a long-term policy for more complete coverage.

Participating Whole Life Insurance

A participating whole life insurance policy is an asset accumulation, estate, and retirement planning vehicle. It is designed to enhance the cash value in a long-term dividend interest rate earning asset class while providing guaranteed cash value and permanent life insurance.

How can a participating whole life policy help fund retirement or be an estate planning tool?

  1. Tax free growth. Funds inside a participating whole life policy grow tax free.
  2. Performance. Once dividends are paid, the increased cash value and death benefit value are guaranteed. The current dividend interest rate is 6.25%.
  3. Guarantees. With participating whole life, every year you get a policy statement the cash value and estate benefit value are guaranteed. Unlike stocks, bonds and mutual funds which fluctuate year by year, once dividends are paid, these values are vested.

Patrick T. Davis

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